TimeTeign's Summer Stroll 2017


TimeTeign’s Summer Stroll with Dr. Richard Sandover

Meet at Kingsteignton Community Hall Car Park for 18.30 departure to Merrivale, arriving ETA 19.30.

For those going direct use the car park at 'the old schoolhouse' site (see attached map - it is the middle of three car parks, see thin red ring and arrow.) Note: last year and we spent almost exactly 2 hours on site, looking at Bronze Age, Mediaeval, Early Modern, Victorian and Modern remains - almost the whole of history! The prehistory includes several stone rows, a stone circle, kistvaens, a standing stone, a reave, cairns, roundhouses and enclosures. From the car park we have a flat walk straight into Merrivale.

It is half a mile to the furthest extremity of the site, so the total round trip, with deviations, should be no more than 1.5 miles. Returning to the car park around 21.30, so back 'home' about 22.30.

Having said that we will be one day short of the solstice and so, as there is a three day 'stand', we should see the sunset in precisely the right spot for the solstice. But, on the down side, catching the sunset will necessitate staying a bit longer and so will need some form of agreement between passengers and drivers!

Download the Map for the walk

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